Wrist tattoo Archive

Tattoo about peace and love

  A simple tattoo with great meaning. It is a couple of tattoos on wrists, on one side it is the phrase Let it out written above the symbol of peace; on the other side is the phrase Let it in over a heart which represents love. Let the peace go out, and let the love go

Mandala tattoo on wrist

  One of the most popular designs in recent years are tattoos of mandalas. Inspired by religious symbols of Hinduism and Buddhism, these tattoos represent beauty and often allude to flowers. This beautiful tattoo was done by Kim Rense at Papanatos tattoos in The Hague.

Dopamine molecule tattoo

Chemical molecules tattoos have become fashionable in recent years. Previously we had seen this tattoo of Serotonin (Associated balances happiness / depression). This tattoo is if dopamine, which is very important in learning systems (Reward and error) along with other body processes. Any chemist or physician present? Perhaps this idea could charm them.

Couple of wings tattoo on wrist

A small pair of wings tattooed on the wrist of a young woman. A minimalist design which is very discreet and elegant. In a way it reminds me of Harry Potter golden snitch, but do not think that has been the source of inspiration of this woman.

Scale tattoo on the wrist

Tattoo of a scale made ??at the wrist. Done in solid black ink. This is an ideal small tattoo for men and women. By Anie at the Avalon studio in the city of San Diego, CA.