Wrist tattoo Archive

Bunny in love tattoo

An adorable tattoo for women (or maybe also for men). It is a tattoo of a rabbit with a printed drawing style, and there are also two small hearts floating around being a rabbit falling in love. A relatively small tattoo done on the wrist of a girl.

Conviction tattoo on wrist

Tattoo of the word Conviction on the wrist of a woman. An italic font, the points of the “i”‘s were replaced by small flowers. Some people see tattoos as symbols to remind or inspire forever.

Small heart key tattoo

Tattoo of a small key on the wrist of a woman. This is a minimalist design, the most interesting detail is the heart-shaped knob. A discreet design, and very beautiful for girls.

Another 30STM tattoo

Another tattoo inspired on the american alternative rock band 30 Seconds To Mars  (30STM). In this ocassion the tattoo is one of the symbols of the band’s logo which may have one of three possible meanings: It’s 3 lines which symbolize 30, it’s the letter “M” for Merury (for the three first planets of the

Half mandala tattoo on wrist

Half of a mandala tattooed on the wrist of a man. Done with only black ink. If you are looking for more designs of mandalas we invite you to use our search option, where you will find plenty of them.