Wrist tattoo Archive

FCB Tattoo

FCB Tattoo, from de Soccer Club of Barcelona. The soccer shield of this soccer team tattooed on each wrist. If you were to get a tattoo of a sport team, which would it be?

Firefly tattoo on wrist

 A firefly tattooed on the wrist of a girl. These insects are quite unique for the light they can emit, they can be seen as symbols of guidance.

Heart made out of wings

A tattoo of a heart made out of wings, a couple of white-gray wings. A small tattoo at wrist.

Friendship phrase tattoo

From Daniel Liévano, who once asked me for something related to friendships that he could get as a tattoo. I told him to get some phrase. No lies, true friends.

Small snowflakes tattoo

A couple of small snowflakes tattooed on the wrist.