Xoil tattoos Archive

Abstract tattoo on the back

  A design made by Xoil on the back of a girl. As many other designs created by Xoil, it uses abstract imagery and is hard to tell what it could represent. Xoil is a French tattoo artist who likes playing with geometric shapes, high contrast colors and all sort of abstract conceptions. I highly

Rhino tattoo on thigh

  One of my favorite artists is Xoil, a French tattooist who has gained much fame by his peculiar style for tattoos. This time it is a tattoo of a rhino which has an extremely realistic look, however, posterior half decomposes into geometric shapes. The background in turn consists of geometric lines with a lot of

Crows tattooed on shoulder

By French artist Xoil. It is a cityscape, power cables cross the sky and a flock of crows flutter around. The perspective of the crows creates a great depth effect (the first crows have a considerable size compared to the rest). The sky was created in such a way that it looks like a dab of paint.

Tattoo on abdomen by Xoil

 A Jimmy Hendrix tattoo on abdomen of a man. Done by the french artist Xoil.

Portrait tattooed by Xoil

A portrait created by the ingenious Xoil, around see other details like a red sun, a star, and waves.