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Ying yang flower tattoo

A niceand small tattoo is seen in the picture above, it is a flower with petals  in perfect symmetry. In the midst of this flower there is a Ying Yang symbol, that image that represents the duality in the universe.

Ying Yang tattoo

Coexist tattoo

This tattoo holds a powerful meaning through  known worldwide symbols, in order are: The moon and star of Islam characteristics. The peace symbol. e = mc2 formula of Einstein’s relativity, by science The Star of David, Judaism. The all-seeing eye. The Yin Yang of Eastern religions. And the Christian cross. Coexist. It’s easy. The differences

Idea of destiny

Our fan djMagor shares his tattoo via Twitter with the comment that this tattoo represents his idea about the destination. The Yin Yang is the symbol of balance, and of  it arise branches which represent the paths we take in life, with every decision, new possibilities arise. What do you think?

Yin Yang tattoo on arm

The ying yang symbol represents the balance between all that is considered good and what is considered bad. A symbol with a very attractive balance figures and that in this tattoo is given to shine.