Yoga Tattoos Archive

Mandala tattoo on feet

A couple of tattoos of mandalas done on a girl’s feet. The Mandalas are symbols with a great meaning in oriental cultures, where they are attributed to be symbols of protection and wellness.

Anajata chakra tattoo

Anajata, the heart’s chakra. Unfinished tattoo, it will surely have a green color because of the chosen chakra.. Check other chakra tattoos.

Ohm tattoo of a visitor

Ohm symbol tattoo on back of a young visitor of the site. In fact I have accidentally uploaded another photo that you can see here. The ohm symbol of great importance in East Asian religions (Buddhism, Hinduism, etc …), represents the beginning, duration and end of the universe, which correspond to the deities Brahma, Vishnu

Red mandala tattoo

 An excellent mandala in red and black colors on arm of a boy. Done at Still Life Tattoo in Seal Beach, California.

Ajna Chakra tattoo

Ajna chakra tattoo, located in mind. The color of this chakra is white. Done by Skylar at A Living Canvas studio.