Zombie Tattoo Archive

Zombie head

  An elegant zombie, or at least his head, is depicted in this tattoo on the leg of a boy. It is a blue head with part of the skin missing, yellow eyes with long eyelashes, a metal jaw and messed up teeth. Yet he is wearing a monocle, a symbol of elegance and wealth.

Zombie hand tattoo

  A tattoo done by Jeff Norton in Aesthetic Ink  tattoo studio at California. It is a greenish zombie hand, inspired in the classic horror movies. This body which is in decay still keeps some good quality clothes, dont you think so? The tattoo is still to be finished, but so far the small shadows

Zombie Mummy tattoo on foot

  Or at least that’s what seems to me this curious tattoo done on one foot, which for its size I think belongs to a man. A colorful drawing, somewhat reminiscent of the colorful motifs of Mexican’s “holy death” (called Santa Muerte). His owner wanted to baptize in the name of Glenotep.

Zombie woman (Impressive tattoo)

  It is time to fill the place of tattoos on Halloween. And also because I’m a big fan of zombie movies. A tattoo with impressive detail by Paul Acker, in the city of Philadelphia, PA.

Halloween, tattoos and a Story of Horror

Tattoos can talk about almost any topic you can imagine, more often they are symbols about love or courage with “deep meanings” that are highly personal. Nevertheless, there are some new interesting trends of getting tattoos of simple things, those things that we love, for example, Halloween. In the last couple of years I’ve whitnessed