F.A.Q about tattoos 2012

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During our first year and a half, Tatuajesxd has grown considerably, but it wasn’t until mid of last year that we decided to launch our Facebook fanpage, which came to be an awesome idea, as visits to our website started to increase and more questions about tattooing started coming in.

I don’t consider myself an authority on the topic, but I felt the need to solve some of the questions that people have, so here go the answers.

Today I present you with some of the frequent most important questions that people have made over the last months, with which I hope to solve some of your questions. On the other hand if you have any question or curiosities, feel free to contact us through our fanpage.

Sidenote: Some texts have been abridged or modified to summarize the post.

Where are they? Do you tattoo? In which city are you or where do you have your tattoo studio? And some other questions regarding tattoo studios

I’m not a professional tattoo artist, I’m just a great fan of the field. On the other hand, Bukowski is, indeed, a professional tattoo artist. He lives in Spain although he resides in London. It’s been a few weeks since I lost touch with him, but I will ask him about where he is currently working.

This, perhaps, is the most frequent questions I get, “would you like to be a professional tattoo artist?” Of course, but my skill is not enough, it’s something that takes time and dedication.

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How much does a tattoo cost? Another F.A.Q made by many of the website users

It’s a very ambiguous questions, it’s as if you asked me how much is a car. Are we talking about a Volkwagen 63’ or a Ferrari of this year? That is quality-wise and design. On the other hand, size-wise, are we talking about a studio apartment or a 3 room apartment with a swimming pool?

Those are just two of the variables that can change the price in a tattoo. Besides, who the tattoo artist is that is going to do the tattoo also matters, the country where you live, the tattoo design, its complexity, and finally the amount of time it’s gonna take.

Price is normally established based on the latter factor, but the time to be invested by the artist will, in turn be determined by all the other variables afore-mentioned.

Just bear in mind that a cheap tattoo is not a good one, and a good tattoo is not cheap. 

Can I send you a picture of my tattoo?

Of course, we would be glad to. We can receive pictures via our fanpage. We would also like to hear the story behind the tattoo, if possible. 

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I’m an ink fan and I wish to get various designs. My skin color is dark and I would like to know which colors are would be nice for a skin type like mine- by Johanna Hauser.

 Hi Johanna, I recommend you to opt for dark-colored ink tattoos. However, at the end of the day, it is what you desire that is the best tattoo.

If you get a color-tattoo, it is worth telling you that it’s gonna look amazing the first few days, but after the skin starts healing you’ll see that the colors start fading, and that will not be because you got a bad tattoo, but because of your own skin-type. Bear that in mind at the time of looking for a tattoo.

If I get a tattoo on my foot, can I get it covered? How should I take care of it?- by Mikee Lee Burton

What’s up Mike? The most important of all is to protect the tattoo for the first few days (as they actually heal within the first few days).

The first night you should protect it using the tape that the tattoo artist put on at the studio, in case your foot suppurates, which is normal, and you just have to change the tape. It is advisable that you remain barefoot the first days, as wearing socks and shoes ad all its humidity is the perfect environment to develop some kind of infection.

Sailor Jerry

 How long does a tattoo take to heal? Is it normal that scabs fall off?- by Mikee Lee Burton

The amount of time that a tattoo takes to heal varies pretty much. It can be either days or weeks. If it takes longer there could be some infection and you should be cautious. Throughout the process, it is normal to have scabs falling off, and also to have the tattoo fading a bit, so that is why it’s important to go back to the studio in case the tattoo needs any retouch.

Do star tattoos look feminine on men?- by Rodrio Arias

Not at all, in fact a lot of real start have star-tattoos on them. They key lies in knowing where to put the tattoo. In general, big stars look less feminine, but that can also vary from person to person and also other tattoos. If you feel like getting a star, go ahead . By the way, the picture I leave you here are some typical stars that Russian mafia have on them, not bad, right?


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