Fail tattoos

Today we begin with a new section on the website: Fail tattoos.

Because we all have seen a tattoo that was simply terrible, extremly ridiculous or it ended up being a complete mess. So don’t forget, this is ink, and once you get it, it will never wera of (well, actually it is posible, but better not end up getting a laser treatment).

So, don’t forget to think right what you want to get as a tattoo, go to a professional tattooer and enjoy your tattoos.

By the way, if you have some funny photo of a fail tattoo, you are welcome to share it with us.

So, to begin this section, here we have this famous one:

Fail tattoos
The story behind this tatoos is pretty well known, the girl in the photo is Kimberley Vlaminck. She wanted to get “three stars tattooed on the face”, but while she was getting the tattoo “she fell asleep”. When she woke up, she realised she had gotten 56 stars tattooed all over her face… or at least that is her version of the story.

To be honest, it’s hard to believe it. How is it possible that someone can fall asleep while getting a tattoo? For all those who have gotten tattoo, you know that the process is painful (for some more than others) but definetly you cannot fall asleep just like that. Also, before starting all tattooers make a proof with the famouse purple ink on the skin so the customer decides if it is what s/he wants.

It’s likely the girl realised the tattoo was a bad ideam, so she regreted and then decided to sue. So far, the only thing she’s gotten is to become incredible famous for such a bad idea (she was 18 by the time she got ger tattoo).

Well, give me a second; I will go take my nap while I get my next tattoo.

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