Neck tattoos for women

Tatoo heart neck

Last year I noticed that neck tattoos for women have become more and more popular. They are all about a really convenient location in the neck for women, as it can be as discrete as they want it to be. If they want to conceal the tattoo they can just let loose their hair (as long as they have long hair) but if they want to show it off, they just need to tie up their hair. Besides discretion, the neck has turned out to be a very sexy place for women to have a tattoo, especially on the nape.

The neck is a good place to get small, symbolic tattoos. One of the most frequent tattoos is the Christian cross right in the middle of the nape. Other common designs include a heart composed of the bass and treble clef and also Chinese characters with some personal significance.

Cruz tatuada en la nucaanchor tattoo for girls

However, these are only the popular designs, as the neck can be the place for a great variety of tattoos, and it’s an ideal place to get something really personal and significant.

Do tattoos on the neck hurt?

The front part of the neck (the throat) is not the most pleasant place, but it doesn’t hurt that much. It’s more about a bothersome sensation in your skin, and as the skin is so flexible in this section, it’s important to keep calm. The back part of the neck is not so prone to pain, and thanks to the fact that these kind of tattoos are generally small and the position required to get the tattoo is pretty comfortable (face-down position), the process is usually fast and comfortable.

Finally, I recommend you to see our tattoos on the neck section, where you will find different designs and pictures from which to draw off some inspiration.

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