New section: Professional tattoo artist answers at Tatuajesxd

Hello guys! Today we begin a new section here at the websiste. My name is Tatuador X (or Tattoo Artist X as it would be in english). Do you remember Homer Sipson when he named himself Mr X.? Why Tatuador X? Well, for the same reason given in that episode: I am going to tell you things about the world of tattoos that may not please everyone and definetly won’t pleas other tattoo artists -but- people who are seeking for the truth, like you my fellow, will like. Do you remember when the magician Val Valentindo had that tv show in which he would perfom tricks and then explain them? In the show he performed as the masked magician, in a deep mysterious atmosphere, well, this section will be something like it. I’ll just tell you one thing before we start: I have a great reputation as a professional tattoo artist, I’ve worked in this world and visited tattoo conventions all around the world including the London Tattoo Convention.

A blog about tattoos gotta be something more than just a gallery of designs taken from here and there explaining what’s the tattoo drawing about. Anyone has eyes, but not everyone can see as a tattoo artist does. We, the tattoo artist not only see the drawing on the skin, we have been working in this job for so long that we can notice the small details and the mistakes that not everyone would appreciate. We live in this tattoo world all day long, it is part of our work and of our routine. When I get in the subway time to time people ask me about all the tattoos I have, and then I explain them this is my work, my life and my everything.

And yeah, that’s what I mean it’s an all day long passion.


So, with this little step I Welcome all of you into this little travle and if you have any question, feel free to ask me. Of course, I’m talking about tattoo related questions, but go ahead and fire me some stuff about medicine, engineering or so, I may not have the right answer, but I can always come up with a cleaver one. I hope you learn with the posts I’ll write, but I even hope more that you fall in love with this art. Each week I’ll bring you 3 articles, so keep visiting us (and if someday I stop writing, start sending mails to the facebook site and tell them you want me back!).

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