Portrait Tattoos

tatuajes retratos

Today we are going to talk about portrait tattoos. Many of you may be thinking of getting a tattoo of a relative, a loved one or even your own dog, as I have already seen before (and allow me to say that, but they are sometimes better than some people). Or maybe also the face of a celebrity, which are called tattoos of celebrities.

First of all, you must know that getting a portrait tattoo is not the same as asking for the tattoo of a Chinese letter or a tribal, since it requires much more knowledge from the tattoo artist. Therefore, if we want a portrait tattoo, we must always go to the most professional tattoo artist that we can find near us. If the tattoo artist makes even a tiny mistake in the portrait tattoo of our grandmother, she will never be our grandmother. It will be like a photofit: it will look like our grandma, but it will not be as if we were staring at its real picture. This is exactly what we seek, what is called the ‘photorealism’, which in this world of tattoos, is what we know as realistic tattoos.

Portrait tattoos can mean even more than 8 hours of work, for the different kinds of shadows that must be done in order to make the tattoo look like the reality. They are difficult tattoos. Once the tattoos are done, they should be like authentic works of art, wonderful. Sometimes, this is the reason why they are often as expensive as a real works of art in a museum – like very, very expensive.

It is also important to bring a big picture of the person that we are going to get a tattoo of. In the picture, the details of the face of that person should be very clear. It must not be blurred and it is much better if it has a good contrast in order to facilitate the work of the tattoo artist when it comes to draw it in our skin (but anyway, according to the high price we are going to pay, better if the tattoo artist does it all, right?)

The prices in Europe for this kind of tattoos are around 500 – 700 €, although once again, these are the prices that we give them, and even for me they look expensive. The thing is that I’m a good person (sometimes too good). I feel sorry for the person who has to pay them, and sometimes I just make them pay 200€, and it already looks like a fair price for 8 hours of work, as complicated as the tattoo may be…

Photo credit: Xavi Tattoos I encourage you to visit his website; it is full of realistic tattoos that prove that portraits can be a great idea if one knows how to work with the ink properly.

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