Eye of Ra Tattoo

A stylized Eye of Amon Ra, a typical symbol of the Egyptian culture. Instead of having an eyebrow it has a feather, which is also an important symbol of their mythology. We have to remember that ancient Egyptian believe that after dying everyone stood a trial in front of Osiris where their souls would be weighted to see if they had been good in life.

According to this tradition in case they had been good persons their soul (heart) should weight less than a feather, and they would ascend to heaven. In case they had been bad persons their souls would be devoured by a crocodile.

Another interesting aspect is how the border of the eye turns into a sharp object. This one is less clear to interpret, but we could assume it is a personal detail from the owner. In the lower part of the eye, it follows the classical pattern of the Orus Eye, but modified to show 3 feathers and once again a blade.

The eye is colored in a intense blue and highly detailed. We can clearly see shadows and highlights all around the design.