Tatuaje de corazón floral

Tatuaje corazón floral

Un bonito dibujo realizado por el tatuador ucraniano Maxim Novodvorskiy del estudio Blackout Tattoo Workshop, en el que una flor (no se mucho de botánica) cae hacia delante, sujetada por una cuerda con la forma de un corazón. Un precioso detalle para demostrarle a esa persona que tanto quiere, lo mucho que le importa, sin tener que tatuarse su nombre.

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They asked me if flower tattoos were ok for men

And that was a question which make my cigarette fall from my mouth. Somebody just asked me if I thought a flower tattoo would be a good idea for him, and the answer is pretty simple: of course you can get it. And there are two main reasons for it: First, everyone is free of choosing what he or she wants to get tattooed. It’s your body it’s your choice. And second, since when does flower are a just for girls symbol? So let’s start by talking about the meaning…

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