Meaning of anchor tattoos

Perhaps anchors are one of the most famous and traditional symbols in the tattoo world. In fact, I think that whenever someone thinks about tattoos immediately imagines a proud sailor showing off his anchor tattoos in his biceps (and don’t forget the classic heart with “mom” written bellow, but that is a topic we may end up talking about other day). But getting back to the topic of today, have you ever wondered what the meaning behind this tattoo is?  Those who have already an anchor tattooed for sure know,…

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About Yakuza tattoos

Does the word Yakuza sound familiar to you? Have you seen Japanese movies in which mobsters are shown? What is the main thing that comes to mind when we think of them? Personally two things: elegance and tattoos. Their full bodies covered in tattoos except for the face. And today I want to talk about the Japanese mafia and their tattoos. Let’s begin with a fast talk about the organized crime in Japan. It is one of the world’s largest criminal groups (estimated to have about 103,000 members) and has…

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They asked me if flower tattoos were ok for men

And that was a question which make my cigarette fall from my mouth. Somebody just asked me if I thought a flower tattoo would be a good idea for him, and the answer is pretty simple: of course you can get it. And there are two main reasons for it: First, everyone is free of choosing what he or she wants to get tattooed. It’s your body it’s your choice. And second, since when does flower are a just for girls symbol? So let’s start by talking about the meaning…

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Meaning of Star tattoos

significado tatuajes rusos

Among all the existing tattoos, perhaps star tattoos are among the most popular, and also among the ones that possess most meaning. Although at the end of the day meaning to the tattoos is a personal thing, there’s also an interesting background behind each one. The star and its multiple meanings Meaning of stars Stars are some of the symbols that have inspired humanity since its origins. If we go back to the times before civilization, stars possessed great meaning by being a guiding beacon in the night, and it…

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The meaning of Angel tattoos

Angel tattoo on shoulder

Yes, perhaps this is not as exciting as other posts from the section meaning of tattoos, and do not even mention the ones from Tattoo Artist X Diary, but there are some curious people that need to know everything about the meaning of a symbol before having it tattooed (and it’s indeed good to know, especially with tattoos of Chinese characters or similar ones). The fact is that, for the ones who never get their thirst of curiosity satisfied, or perhaps are looking for a good reason to get an…

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