Tattoo artists’ fight against skin Cancer

Tatuadores previniendo el cáncer de piel

Cancer, a disease a lot of people have hard of, a disease thoroughly researched into and for which a great number of campaigns are run here and there. Nevertheless, the biggest problem of it is still lurking around: people still do not go to the doctor to get a cancer check-up. It’s something that is not really complicated, but really, who would think that little, tiny mole or lump could be a sign of danger? Certainly, not many people think it over.

Taking advantage of the thousands of clients tattoo studies receive a year, Sol de Janeiro company (which sells sun screen in Brazil) has launched the project “Mindful Tattoo artist”. In the first stage 450 professional tattoo artists were trained in skin detection so that they would be able to, through an easy and fast palpating, find out if their clients show any sign of skin cancer.

As it’s mentioned in the video, every usually has six customers a day, total, and these add up to 188,900 check-ups a week!! A stronger prevention awareness which should be replicated in other countries.

I leave you the advertising campaign here.

Training can also be done online, however the teaching content is in Portuguese.

Skin cancer is one of the worldwide most diagnosed kinds of cancer, its incidence being even higher than prostatic and breast cancer together.

Congratulations on the project Mindful Tattoo artist and to everybody who is partaking in it!

I wish this project could be made public and disseminated to the health authorities in other countries as it is a simple but powerful idea that could help thousands of people.

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