angel tattoos on the back

Yes, perhaps this is not as exciting as other posts from the section meaning of tattoos, and do not even mention the ones from Tattoo Artist X Diary, but there are some curious people that need to know everything about the meaning of a symbol before having it tattooed (and it’s indeed good to know, especially with tattoos of Chinese characters or similar ones).

The fact is that, for the ones who never get their thirst of curiosity satisfied, or perhaps are looking for a good reason to get an angel tattoo, today I’ll talk about their different meanings.

What do angels represent in tattoos?

Well, as everybody knows, angels are a symbol in Semitic religions, it’s about anthropomorphic creatures which possess wings. These creatures were created by God with the aim of assisting him to watch over men and also relay messages from God to men. Within the Christian tradition there are few men that have been able to see God first-hand, and well, God uses the angels to send them messages.

Angels appear in different religions, mainly Islam, Judaism, Christianity and their respective varieties. The word “angel” comes from the Greek aggelos, which means messenger.

Angel tattoo on shoulder

What the angel tattoos carry

Angel tattoos tend to be made along with a series of typical objects: harps, swords, crooks, among others. Although angels are associated with the “good”, it is important to point out that, on some occasions, angels were also sent to punish, for which we could assert that angels are also a symbol of justice.

The Meaning of Angel tattoos

Finally, we can affirm that angel tattoos are a symbol of devotion, spirituality and faith. They are suitable for people that feel a close relationship with God.

On the other hand, they are a token of protection, and are sometimes used as memorable tattoos to commemorate a beloved one.