The tattooed Ray Ban guy

You maybe have seen this picture going around on the net, the picture of a Hipster with some glasses tattooed on his face. Once in a while I see this picture goes around on the net with people discussing whether it’s a legit picture or if it’s fake. If you still don’t know whether if it’s fake or not, today we will solve this mystery on our blog. First: the story could be true, the guy ‘s called Mathew G. and it happened at the beginning of 2010.

It all started with some pictures circulating on the net, in which this guy was mocked because of having this glasses-tattoo made on his face. There’s even a video that shows the guy’s visit to the tattoo shop (with over 2 million views).


Gafas tatuadas en la cara

Is this true? On the one hand there are those who affirm that the tattoo is a fake and point out some details of the tattoo, besides the fact that Matthew’s Flickr account (here) has never again been updated, and there seem to be no traces of him. On the other hand, there are those who assure that it is true, and there is one more hypothesis: that these pictures and video are part of an advertising campaign from the Ray Ban group called Never Hide.

The publicity carried out by the Cutwater company in San Francisco consisted in making “weird” videos which did not make it clear whether they were some kind of commercial. The videos went viral precisely because of the lack of certainty whether these were real or not. The Never Hide videos do not reveal at any moment the Ray Ban brand, but the people in there appear subtlety wearing Ray-Ban glasses.

Two Other commercials that went viral were one about a cow giving birth to a man (with everything and glasses, of course); and another one about a gigantic ball of wool that rolls down around San Francisco.

But well, going back to our topic, the guy with the tattooed glasses is part of these same commercials. At the end of the video the guy actually tries some Ray Ban glasses on. Now the question is, is that a real tattoo or it’s just a face? And my biggest question… if the tattoo is real, how much was the guy paid for the commercial? I actually prefer to believe it is fake, I really don’t like the idea of thinking there is a youngster out there, that will have to remember for the rest of his days that he is just an advertising tool, a Ray Ban advertisement…


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