Things you shouldn’t do the night before getting a tattoo

The title of this article sounds like a joke, but believe me, it’s not. There’s a series of things we must not do the night before getting a tattoo– as there also is a list of things we should do the first night after getting a tattoo.

consejos tatuajes

Rule number 1:

Have a good dinner. If we are going to get a tattoo the next day we need to have a hearty dinner the night before. Eating well, a good-size meal at Burger King, McDonalds, Chinese restaurant, or a few pizzas ordered on the phone, or home-made or even bought at the super-market. Any meal that can put us on some 500 gr will be good enough.

         Of course, if our appointment at the studio is at 6 in the afternoon we can just eat well throughout the day, and if it is in the morning, a hearty breakfast will be enough. Use a lot of sugar (fruit, jam, Nutella, honey, etc.)      


Rule number 2:

It is very important not to drink the night before. What I mean by drinking is alcohol (big quantities). We can drink some 3 to 5 beers, or wine as much as we want, as long as we don’t reach the point of drunkenness. The only thing we’ll achieve through that will be not stopping bleeding at the moment of getting the tattoo, and we will, in consequence, impoverish the tattoo artist task.

A lot of people also think that going drunk will ease their pain during the tattooing sesion , which is completely false. Alcohol can even make you more sensitive to the potential pain. And going high to the studio is out of the question, forget about it (and let me tell you, you’re getting this advice from someone who drinks more than a Cowboy and smokes more than…a Jamaican cowboy…)


Rule number 3:

Get enough rest the night before the tattoo, and if needed, you can smoke a bit in order to unwind (one thing is to smoke in order to find inner peace and relax, and another thing is to smoke half a plant of MAryJane’s).

         They seem to be silly tips, but you cannot imagine the amount of people who break one of the three rules end up taking more pain in the tattooing process. If you want to put my rules to the test, do not have either dinner or breakfast, get drunk the night before getting tattooed, go to the studio completely high listening to the great hits of Bob Marley on your I Phone…. Then come back home and leave a comment here telling us about your experience.

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