What should I know about shoulder tattoos?

Tatuajes en el hombro para mujeres

You are excited to get a new tattoo and you have decided that it’s gonna be on your shoulder this time. But just when you are about to head to your favorite tattoo studio, you doubt for a moment and you decide to look up on the net some details about tattoos on the shoulder. So if you are looking for that kind of information, I’ve got excellent news for you, you have reached the right place.

So well, the shoulder is an ideal section for men and women to get a tattoo. It’s a location in the body that can really show and shine, as the shoulder has enough space for well-shaped tattoos of good size and also bear a good amount of details. Even if you are a bit skinny, the shoulder is an excellent place to get a tattoo.

Women can opt for either small tattoos that can cover the superior part of the shoulder, or big ones that can cover the whole shoulder and extend towards the clavicle. As for men, it is advisable to get a good-size tattoo on that area.

Tatuajes polynesia

As to style, there are various trends, some new school which may come out pretty interesting, or else Maori or tribal style are always an excellent option. There are lots of designs and practically no limits, as you can make portraits, landscapes or even put “elastic bands” around the shoulder.

If it’s your first tattoo, the shoulder is an excellent option. Tattoos on the shoulder hurt as any tattoo, but they are not the most painful area, although not the least painful either. I would say that on a pain-scale, is just below 5. Fortunately, it is a spot easy to tattoo on and does not present any problems through extended sessions.

What’s one of the only cons against shoulder tattooing? Again, this is a place to showcase your tattoo, but you may not always want everybody to see it, perhaps (at work or under any other similar circumstance) so that is why it may sometimes not be a recommended spot.

Finally, I recommend you this tag: shoulder-tattoos, as you will be able to see here a lot of useful ideas that people have thought of. I hope this post has dispelled any doubt that you may have, so now get out and run to your favorite tattoo studio and ask them for an amazing design.

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