Full back tattoos

Full back tattoos are undoubtedly among the most spectacular we can find, and as we can deduce from its name, they are tattoos that cover the whole back. However, it is also true that they are VERY, very hard to do, they suppose long hours of work and suffering – well, that, and also they have a very high price.

dragon tattoo

One of the most characteristic styles when it comes to choose a design for your full back tattoo, are the oriental tattoos, or also called Japanese tattoos. These amazing designs cover every millimeter of our back. What’s more, they are full of bright colors and they have a lot of details.

The most popular ones are usually those with the design of a dragon, due to the fact that their design allows covering any spot of the skin. This means that it is easier to plan the design and to cover every inch of the skin, since no one will notice the difference in the final design if the body of the dragon is a bit longer or if the tattoo artist modifies it a little.

To go with the principal design in the case of the Japanese tattoos, we can also use cherry blossoms, as well as Japanese water or wind, among others. There are many other typical emblems of the Japanese tattoos (one day we will dedicate a whole, cool article to the symbols of Japanese tattoos).

But we do not only have the option of the oriental tattoos. We can choose any topic such as religious tattoos, full back portraits or fill our backs with Playboy Bunnies. The choice is in our hands.

If we want to get a full back tattoo we must bear in mind that it is very likely that the tattoo artist needs at least one year to finish it. It is also very important to wait around two weeks between sessions, and only then it will be possible to continue with the tattoo. The prices, as we have said before are high, very high. Depending on the final design that we choose, we may get to pay almost the same price as a new car…

japanese espalda

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