Phrase tattoo on the forearm

A tattoo of a phrase, I do not know why until today I post something like that. The phrase says “Everything changes, nothing perishes”

The original phrase is Omnia mutantur, and is mentioned in the book of Metamorphosis of Ovid. This classic of Roman literature composed of 15 books. This book has some of the most famous Greek mythology stories, such as the romance of Daphne and Apollo. In this story Apollo falls in love with the young Daphne through the cupid arrow. Daphne, who has decided not to love anyone refuses to correspond to Apollo. The young man, aided by the gods, pursues Daphne in the forest, and she begs the aid of her father. Her father, the river god, ends up turning her into a tree to protect her from Apollo.

Like this story, many others in the book Metamorphoses talk about (physical) change. Ovid in fact makes it clear at the beginning of the book with the phrase In nova fert animus mutatas dicere forms / corpora, which translates as: I will speak of forms that are changed to other entities (bodies).

Have you liked the phrase or the tattoo?