How much is the tattoo artist salary?

When we were little some of us said we wanted to be doctors, others said firefighters, and perhaps others wanted to be veterinarians: but certainly no one said he wanted to be a tattoo artist. Why would anyone want to become a tattoo artist? There are dozens of reasons attached to the art work, an office with flexible hours, friendly work environment with daily news, and of course, make money.

The story can be summed up in something: a good tattoo artist earns well, in fact quite good, and also usually has work for months (or even years). Of course, the process of becoming a renowned tattoo artist is long and the beginning is not as easy as many would like. And the question that many ask is How much can you earn as a tattoo artist? Well there’s not a fast answer.

cuánto ganan los tatuadores

About the tattoo artist salary

How much earns depends directly on the price they charge for each work, and also the amount of customers they have. Then we could summarize all that the goal is to become famous for a lot of customers who are willing to pay very well per hour of work, and we finally have a steady stream of customers … and do not forget that they must leave satisfied for that will tell their friends, brothers and have more customers.

How do studios share the money?

The most traditional way in which money is distributed fee. Each artist in the studio is left with a fraction of what is charged for each job, and the other part remains for study. The money stays in the study is both the owner as to cover the premises.

The tattoo artists have their own studio earn well, but have limited time each day, and that’s why eventually seek to get other artists to work with them. The commission paid varies but ranges from 30% to 60% or even more.

With more tattooists working in the studio you can have more variety of styles, in addition to service multiple clients simultaneously.

A tentative number please?

Ok, if they want I will give some numbers. This course is in line with what an artist usually wins in a study in the United States average. An artist beginner or apprentice earns about $ 19,000 per year, but if you are good you can earn up to $ 30,000 a year quickly, which is very good.

But when we go to what they make great artists, the figure becomes impressive: up to $ 300 per hour of work, and busy schedules in advance for several months. Which is summarized in a salary that can exceed $ 100,000 per year without having to work eight hours a day (of course, you have to pay the bills, but that is a separate issue).

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