How to fix a tattoo

Before getting a tattoo we must make sure of the kind of tattoo that we want to get, and we also have to make sure we are convinced about the design we are going to pick, as making a mistake in this aspect could bring serious consequences upon us. It is because of people who make these kind of mistakes that tattoo-removal clinics have become so famous. Although this may be a last-resort solution, we will talk about it later on.

An immediate alternative between removing the tattoo at a clinic and living in frustration for the rest of your life (due to the wrong design, a poorly done tattoo or a tattoo based on a story that we no longer hold on to) is to have a cover-up tattoo, which will replace our older tattoo.

Como se arregla un tatuaje

 What do we need to know about cover-up tattoos?

First, let’s clarify what the cover-up process consists of, and then we will move on to answering some FAQ about this procedure. Unlike paint, the ink pigments do not blend together so easily, and that is why light colors can hardly cover up darker ones. On the other hand, it’s not only about pouring some ink over in order to cover up a tattoo, although there are some tattoo “fixes” that entailed the said afore-mentioned procedure.

Peor Cover up

That is why if we are going to cover-up a tattoo we should resort to a professional(if we want to cover-up a poorly done tattoo, indeed, turn to a real professional!)

A professional tattoo artist will not only put ink over the tattoo you want to cover, but will also create a special design by taking advantage (if possible) of the old tattoo lines. In case that is not possible, he will at least put together a design and colors in such a way that they cover the former tattoo in the best possible way.


Where to get a cover-up tattoo?

Unlike other piercing and tattoo works, a cover-up is not the kind of work carried out in any tattoo studio, due to mainly two reasons: it’s not easy, and that’s why years of experience are required for such a task; on the other hand it’s a task that needs to be planned out and takes more time than the design of usual tattoos: the tattoo artist needs to observe the design, think what he needs to do in order to fix it and take into account some other aspects in reference to the design.


 Can a tattoo be covered in its entirety?

There are some amazing pieces of work that will be able to cover up a poor tattoo without any difficulty, some other will blend in with the poor colors and lines formerly done in order to make them fit in the new design. The final product will depend a lot on how complex and badly done the first tattoo was, and the expertise of the new tattoo artist.

All the same, it is important to point out that the scar will remain and the contours of the former tattoo will be visible if observed in detail or if light shines on it (as in some cases it can highlight the old tattoo marks).


What else should I know?

Well there are some other details that are also important to know, some ideas off the top of my head are:

  • The new tattoo will be bigger than the old one.
  • You should expect the new tattoo to be darker and to have more contrasting areas.
  • It’s easier to redesign a badly done tattoo and re-make it, rather than carry out a whole new different design.


Some last words

What better way to finish off this post than with a cover-up­ display of one of the most amazing in the world?

Do you recognize this tattoo? For a long time it was considered one of the worst tattoos of all time. Well, the story is a bit sad as it all started with the death of Chad Stal’s wife in 2007, so he decided to get this tattoo in her honor. The outcome was terrible, and after five years, at the end of 2012, the tattoo artist Scott Versago at Empire Ink studio in Akron Ohio, was able to fix that failure of a tattoo.

Scott was so touched by the story that he decided to do this job for free.

El mejor arreglo de tatuaje

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