How to know if you are attending a good quality tattoo studio

I’m not going to lie to you, in my life I’ve been to a lot of tattoo studios, but I’ve only had tattoos done in just few of them. I’m fond of tattoos like many other: you go into the studio to browse out of curiosity, sometimes you buy piercings, and of course, you check out the tattoo picture album and you just stay there astonished at the quality of work done in the studio (or horrified if what you see is awful quality). Anyway, I still remember the first…

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Tattoo artist apprenticeship (Part 2)

 (Continuation of the article Tattoo artist apprenticeship) As we already told you before, the best thing to do – and the most correct too – would be to become a tattoo artist apprentice, in order to learn everything from the beginning. And by everything, I mean both the art of tattooing, and also the occupational hazards (yes, there are some), such as those things related to the managing of your own tattoo parlour. And that is because it is not only about tattooing, but it is also about creating tattoo…

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Tattoo artist apprenticeship

miami ink

One of the big questions that people do to me (besides the classic “you did this tattoo to yourself?) is: How did you learn to tattoo? Undoubtedly tattoos have become more popular nowadays that 10 years ago, there are plenty of reasons including David Beckham getting an angel’s tattoo at the back. As he was a complete t.v. star peope started to accept tattoos more than they used before. And also, a lot of people who had never thought about getting one, got one. So, yeah, David Beckham and some…

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