Why you should never get a tattoo ( but have a lot of babies instead)

Hacerte un tatuaje no es una mala idea

When I have some free time I like to read dozens of blogs, while the rest of the time I barely check up on my own Website. I was at it today when I found this website written by a mother (The Ugly Volvo) that even though she doesn’t have any tattoo on her, she has a pretty good understanding of the classical cliché, critical comments that people make on others who express their interest in getting a tattoo. And now I present you with a number of reasons why,…

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The tattooed Ray Ban guy

Gafas tatuadas en la cara

You maybe have seen this picture going around on the net, the picture of a Hipster with some glasses tattooed on his face. Once in a while I see this picture goes around on the net with people discussing whether it’s a legit picture or if it’s fake. If you still don’t know whether if it’s fake or not, today we will solve this mystery on our blog. First: the story could be true, the guy ‘s called Mathew G. and it happened at the beginning of 2010. It all…

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DIY tattoos: what the hell are you thinking?

I’ve been subscribed to the Instructables webpage and it’s one of my favorite sites to visit. The site has all types of content for people that want to learn new things, or find out-of-the-box solution to any kind of problem. So far so good, but today while I was checking my e-mails I ran into the horror: there was a set of instructions on do-it-yourself tattoos. So this is the moment to go fully into the topic and laugh at it a little bit.

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How to know if you are attending a good quality tattoo studio

I’m not going to lie to you, in my life I’ve been to a lot of tattoo studios, but I’ve only had tattoos done in just few of them. I’m fond of tattoos like many other: you go into the studio to browse out of curiosity, sometimes you buy piercings, and of course, you check out the tattoo picture album and you just stay there astonished at the quality of work done in the studio (or horrified if what you see is awful quality). Anyway, I still remember the first…

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Old School (or traditional) tattoos

old school eagle

The term old school tattoo or traditional as well, makes reference to a very popular style that was in its prime at the beginning of the 20th century. Indeed, when people talk about this style certain personalities such as Normak Keith Collins come to mind, also known as Sailor Jerry, who was a prestigious American tattoo artist at the beginning of the first half of the 20th century. It may sound exaggerated, but Sailor Jerry is, without a doubt, the one who created this classic-style in tattooing. After his death,…

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