Why you should never get a tattoo ( but have a lot of babies instead)

Hacerte un tatuaje no es una mala idea

When I have some free time I like to read dozens of blogs, while the rest of the time I barely check up on my own Website. I was at it today when I found this website written by a mother (The Ugly Volvo) that even though she doesn’t have any tattoo on her, she has a pretty good understanding of the classical cliché, critical comments that people make on others who express their interest in getting a tattoo. And now I present you with a number of reasons why,…

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Keloid scar and tattoos

One of the questions that tattooists do before starting to work is whether we suffer from keloid scars. This is a question that sometimes comes as a surprise to many people who is getting their first tattoo, and the first thing they do is wonder What is it? Is it risky? Could it happen something if I say no because I simply don’t know? And surely the first thing we do is to call our mom to ask if we ever had it. Well, people who have a scar of…

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Tattoos and blood donation: fact and fiction

When I was getting my first tattoo (a while ago) one of my first concerns was precisely the issue of blood donation. I’m a person that loves life and I would eventually like to become a blood donor and perhaps even an organ donor, so before taking any decision about this tattoo I consulted a specialist. So let me tell you about the current issues at the time of donating blooding and having tattoos. Common myths If you get a tattoo your blood ends up contaminated and you will never…

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New section: Professional tattoo artist answers at Tatuajesxd

tatuaje cyborg

Hello guys! Today we begin a new section here at the websiste. My name is Tatuador X (or Tattoo Artist X as it would be in english). Do you remember Homer Sipson when he named himself Mr X.? Why Tatuador X? Well, for the same reason given in that episode: I am going to tell you things about the world of tattoos that may not please everyone and definetly won’t pleas other tattoo artists -but- people who are seeking for the truth, like you my fellow, will like. Do you remember when…

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