Tattoo care tips

Megan Massacre from NY Inc

There are several factors that make a tattoo perfect. Many people attribute all responsibility of a good tattoo to the tattoo artist’s experience, but much of the responsibility for a tattoo to be perfect depends on the type of care given to the skin until the tattoo is completely healed. Here are some tips that sure your tattoo artist gave you in these tattoo care tips. The great tattoo artist Megan Massacre from NY Inc. says that the best way for a customer to thank her for one of his…

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TED-Ed explains why tattoos are permanent

You may probably have wondered more than once why tattoos are permanent, or you may have wondered why their color and shape change little by little as years go by. Well, the truth has been known for some years now, but they way in which Claudia Aguirre has explained it on a TED Education event is just perfect.   TED-Ed is a website affiliated to the TED conferences. In the TED conferences different kinds of topics are covered: Science, History, Culture, and so on and so forth; and when speaking…

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Tattoo artists’ fight against skin Cancer

Tatuadores previniendo el cáncer de piel

Cancer, a disease a lot of people have hard of, a disease thoroughly researched into and for which a great number of campaigns are run here and there. Nevertheless, the biggest problem of it is still lurking around: people still do not go to the doctor to get a cancer check-up. It’s something that is not really complicated, but really, who would think that little, tiny mole or lump could be a sign of danger? Certainly, not many people think it over. Taking advantage of the thousands of clients tattoo…

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Keloid scar and tattoos

One of the questions that tattooists do before starting to work is whether we suffer from keloid scars. This is a question that sometimes comes as a surprise to many people who is getting their first tattoo, and the first thing they do is wonder What is it? Is it risky? Could it happen something if I say no because I simply don’t know? And surely the first thing we do is to call our mom to ask if we ever had it. Well, people who have a scar of…

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Anesthesia for tattoos

In my personal opinion, a tattoo is an experience that must be enjoyed with all the senses: hear the buzzing of the machine, smell the fragrance of the shop, see the designs in the shelves, eat or drink something between the breaks; and of course: feel the needle on the skin. Yes, tattoos hurt, and there are people that simply cannot withstand, and in those cases one can use anesthetics. Although not a lot of tattoo studios would support the idea, it is a last source and maybe you would…

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