Tattoo care tips

There are several factors that make a tattoo perfect. Many people attribute all responsibility of a good tattoo to the tattoo artist’s experience, but much of the responsibility for a tattoo to be perfect depends on the type of care given to the skin until the tattoo is completely healed. Here are some tips that sure your tattoo artist gave you in these tattoo care tips.

The great tattoo artist Megan Massacre from NY Inc. says that the best way for a customer to thank her for one of his great works on the skin is to give the necessary care to the tattoo for a perfect finish. So let’s see some tips to get the best healing of it.

Megan Massacre from NY Inc

Some tips for curing tattoos

When getting a tattoo you are repeatedly hurting the skin to insert the ink. That is why at the end the skin is extremely sensitive as if it were a superficial wound. It is of great importance to keep put the plastic that your tattoo artist used to cover the tattoo for at least 2 hours. This will prevent any contamination from entering sensitive skin. Upon arriving home wash the tattoo with plenty water and put a new plastic foil. Some recommend changing the plastic every 8 hours, for at least 2 days.

  1. The first few weeks it is important to use a healing cream on the tattoo. This will close the small wounds of the skin and the ink will be sealed better. There are special healing creams for tattoos that you can surely find in your tattoo studio. It will also ensure your skin stays properly hydrated.
  2. It is important that during this first stage the skin does not receive excessive sunlight, nor sweats or gets any contact with strong chemicals. That’s why it’s good to avoid going to the beach or pool.
  3. After the first month of care it is important to keep the skin moisturized with moisturizers. If you take a lot of sun, such as on the beach, apply enough sunscreen in the area of the tattoo. This last one of the tattoo care tips will have to take it into account for life so that your tattoos remain bright with the passage of the years.
  4. With these tattoo care tips you will be able to make sure that your tattoo will be with the best finish and will remain so for many years. You will also avoid any infection or factor that could damage the tattoo.

Source: Megan Massacre

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