Ultraviolet tattoos

uv tattoos

UV tattoos are those tattoos that glow in the dark; they are also called neon tattoos, blacklight tattoos, etc… any other name that sounds like it will glow when exposed to some special light. They are basically ordinary tattoos, without much mystery, they are made with the same tattoo machines and the procedure is the same, the only difference is the ink, which is usually invisible with the normal light but it will become visible under the exposure of black light, it is what is called in the industry a UV INK. One of the main reasons these have become so popular lately is because in the daylight can be barely distinguished from the skin, they are invisible so to say.

Also, there’s a lot of people who want these so they can show off in nightclubs and discos, and sorry to say this but it’s completely stupid, whether you want to do because it can’t be seen during the day (which is already stupid, you do or do not want a tattoo?) as if you want them to show them in the nightclubs (What for? To have your 10 minutes of fame?) If you really want to impress yourself get a good damn full back Japanese tattoo. With truth and ink colors so you can feel proud of it.

But well, that’s just my opinion. I do accept there are some nice UV works which combine normal ink with UV to get some interesting effects. But that’s the only exception, and there also something else you need to know.

Not all tattoo shops work with UV ink, actually, only the grimiest use these inks. They do it to catch inexperienced clients or simply stupid enough to be bought easily. 1) Because these inks are NOT approved by any government because of health concerns 2) And well, perhaps you may say that all that is government stuff and you are free to do whatever you want, but come on. Would you seriously let yourself get inked with some chemical that glows in the dark? For that you could also get inside a a nuclear reactor, a cheaper option and maybe even healthier.

So, yeah, this is pretty much my opinion you are free to agree or not. The only thing I want to stand out is that UV Ink can harm your skin badly, and you shouldn’t get one if you just want to show off.

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