Please, be nice to your tattoo artist

If it’s your first time that you are about to get tattooed, I’m sure you’ve looked into what you must not do before getting a tattoo (or if not, check out the post that instruct you on what no to do), and you surely have seen things about how to take care of your tattoo after the session (and if you haven’t, well, it shows that you’re not interested in getting a tattoo, but anyway have a look about how take care of a tattoo). But what a lot of people do not even consider is, how you are supposed to behave with your tattoo artist?

Tatuador X

Yes, it’s about a service, and all tattoo artists will treat you with a lot of respect, they will care about everything you say, but the client also has to play his/her part. So up next, we are gonna tell you a few things that you should bear in mind before, while and after visiting your tattoo artist.

Get a session appointment with enough notice. There are studios that have waiting lists that extend over months, which is why you have to get your appointment with enough notice, and please, be punctual. Every studio has its own policies, but leaving that aside, if you need to cancel your session do it with notice.

Bring company, but not the whole family. Tattoo studios are not theme parks, which is why the allow a limited number of company with the person that comes to get tattooed. Bear in mind that you will not be the only one in the studio, so that’s why try not to invite all your friends and your grandma so that they see you get tattooed. On the other hand, you should also take into consideration that many studios have their waiting room outside of the room where you are getting tattooed, which is why you will not be with your companion all the time.

Tattooists are artist and they make a living from their job. Do not try to bargain on the tattoo price, it is simply inappropriate. And as I always say: a good tattoo is not cheap, and a cheap tattoo is not good. So try to get an estimate of the price of the tattoo before starting the session, and go get the money at the ATM before they start working on your tattoo. Come on, not all studios accept credit cards, and nobody want to have to go with you to the ATM.

The tattoo artist defines his jobs. Yes, the tattoo artist does deliver a service, but he has the right to do it his own way. Tattooists have different criteria on which they pick of turn down job proposals, and that will vary. If a tattooist does not accept your job offer, do not get offended, those things happen.

Finally, do not ask for a design so that another tattoo artist can tattoo it on you.Those things do happen, and they are not fun.

Anything else? Ohh,yes. Feel calm. Try talking to your tattooist to calm down. Most of them are really nice, talkative and even fun.

The end.


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