The right way to care a tattoo

I’m sure that many of you have search on the internet about how to care of a new tattoo, or perhaps you asked some of your friends around Facebook that you knew they had tattoos. And I’m also sure that they may have confused because every single person has an idea of the aftercare of a tattoo, and every tip may work or not with each person. But don’t worry about not knowing what is the treatment for a new tattoo, there are even tattoo artists who don’t know about this process as well as they should.

Some people say that you should get Vaseline, other say that creams, and there’s always the person who will suggest home remedies like rose oil, also, some people will tell you to do this stuff on a daily basis, others will tell you to do it twice or three times a day. Then you may have a long discussion whether you should cover it at night with plastic or with a bandage. So, the fact is there’s a lot of information and it doesn’t fit all together. So, do you want to know my advice?

The ultimate solution:

crema tattoo
No matter how good our tattoo looks, it is still a wound, and we need to always take care of wounds. So the most important about healing a tattoo wound is to keep it wetted, never let it get dry. That’s why we are going to use every day cream, moisturizing cream. You don’t need to buy an expensive cream, just get a cheap moisturizing cream free of ingredients such as alcoholium, which is basically alcohol that will hurt the wound and dry the skin.
Use this cream as many times as needed each day, remember to keep the skin wetted. Depending on the weather and how your skin is you may need to apply cream once a day or perhaps up to four times. It doesn’t matter, keep doing this for several days until you start seeing the scabs peeling off, this is normal, after this you won’t need to keep it wetted 24 hrs a day.

One last tip: don’t buy any special or magic cream. Some tattoo studios will want to sell you “special” creams, most of the time Vaseline. Don’t buy them, you won’t need them and besides, they are really expensive.


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