Sun and tattoos

sol tattoo

Another article of how to heal a tattoo properly, in this case it’s about the sun, which gives life to everything we know on this earth except the tattoos. It is important that we keep our tattoo out of the sun during the first weeks of getting it.

Normally when you go to a tattoo studio one of most common questions about how to care our tattoo is about sunlight, should we expose our brand new tattoo to the sun? Could we be able to go to the beach in two weeks? The normal answer would be: Yes, of course you will be able. But the true answer (the one we should care about) is: Yes, but it may damage your tattoo. You see, the sunlight will always hurt our tattoos, and so the time, but it is in the first weeks when the tattoo can be severely affected. The true is we should wait at least a couple of months (if you can wait up to 5 months that would be fantastic). But most of the tattoo artist (so to say) will prefer to tell you this little lies because then you wouldn’t get a tattoo… or well, not everyone would miss their planned vacations to the beach.

Needless to say, the sun will always damage our tattoo and is one of the reasons the tattoos get “washed out” within years. So even after several months, it would be wise not to expose too much to the sun. .

Would I never be able to touch the sea again?

Ok, let’s not be that dramatic. I’m just saying that you shouldn’t spend weeks topless having bath suns. But going to the beach time to time and spending several hours swimming won’t hurt that much. And well, you can always visit your tattoo artist again to get a “re-touch” on your tattoo.

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