Halloween, tattoos and a Story of Horror

Tattoos can talk about almost any topic you can imagine, more often they are symbols about love or courage with “deep meanings” that are highly personal. Nevertheless, there are some new interesting trends of getting tattoos of simple things, those things that we love, for example, Halloween. In the last couple of years I’ve whitnessed an amazing increase in the demand of these kinds of designs. If you are looking for a horror tattoo or something related to Halloween, keep on reading, for sure you will find something interesting.

Horror tattoos can vary a lot, from a zombie inspired in The Walking Dead, up to a classic portrait of (Father of the psychological terror novel), possibilities are almost infinite. And of course, if you love classic horror movies, you can find some inspiration in characters such as Frankenstein, Dracula, Mummies, or any other monster of the 30’s-50’s horror movies or books.

Tatuajes para Halloween


We are just a couple of days away from Halloween and thousands of persons are going to tattoo studios asking for cool designs inspired in something “horrific”. Of course, “horror” may be sometimes a little ambiguous, and you can always play with the general idea. For example, this creepy and funny Reanimated Candy Corn. Delicious, funny and with all the spirit of the Halloween Day, isn’t it?

Tatuajes para Halloween

Of course, I love to always give my own personal opinion, and this time won’t be the exception. First of all I got to say that I like Halloween. I am not the kind of person that criticizes a festivity based on the anthropo-histoic reasons… at the very end I think humanity itself defines the traditions over the time.

And of course, behind Halloween there are big economic interests and a lot of merchandise that companies want to get in our pockets: customs, candies, crazy parties, and so on. Of course, we can always be turned into an opportunity of having a good time, spend the night in a silly party or simply taking the kids to pick candies (Such a nice moment, just remember when you were a little kid!). I like to believe that everyday can be a good day with simple things, and I know that K. will bring me chocolates on Thursday’s night.

So, just to end, all horror movies lovers (and loyal followers of my blog), I’ll let you know that from today until the 31 of this month I’ll be publishing exclusively tattoos related to Halloween, horror movies and any related topic. And you can also look for more designs in some tags:

And for those who don’t like Halloween: Hold your horses friends. From the 1st of November and until the 6th of November I will publish tattoos about the Day of All Saints and of course, The Day of the Dead (Mexican tradition).

Time to enjoy! Life is beauty, full of colors and a lot of ink!

Tatuajes para Halloween

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